WASHINGTON, DC—Human rights activist, including Amal Clooney, recently urged the United Nations Security Council to help victims of sexual violence in Iraq and Syria at the hands of Daesh terrorists. The Security Council is considering a resolution to refer these matters to the International Criminal Court, similarly to how Nazi war criminals were prosecuted following World War II.

Womble Bond Dickinson criminal defense attorney Mark Schamel recently discussed the resolution with TRT World Now. Schamel said that sending these cases to the International Criminal Court is a better option than bringing these accused terrorists back to their home countries for prosecution.

“This is exactly what The Hague is for—to deal with some of these non-state actors,” he said. But Russia and China may block such a referral due to their interests in these conflicts. He also said the Trump Administration is reluctant to cede any authority to any international criminal body.

When asked if the UN resolution provides justice to the victims of these crimes, Schamel said. “I hate to be pessimistic, but the reality is, is there ever justice for these victims?”

He also questioned whether or not prosecuting individual criminals goes far enough to address these human rights violations.

“Although ISIS is not technically a state, these are war crimes,” Schamel said. “There’s something that needs to be done here more than just prosecuting individuals.”

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