Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the front-runner to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for President. But ongoing questions of Clinton’s handling of classified email continue to plague her campaign.

Boston Herald columnist Kimberly Atkins examines Clinton’s legal options with Womble Carlyle attorney Mark Schamel. Schamel said former State Department staffer Bryan Pagliano could be the key to the case against Clinton.

“My guess is DOJ wants to find out what Clinton told Pagliano when he set up her server,” Schamel said. “Pagliano is one of the few people on the planet who has insight into Clinton’s thought process — whether she knew or should have known if something was illegal—because he was one of the only people to talk to her about setting up the server.”

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Mark Schamel focuses his practice on white collar criminal defense, government investigations and is based in Womble Carlyle’s Washington, DC office. Schamel has represented clients in high-profile cases, both in the Washington, DC, and in federal and state courthouses across the country.