Not that he’s asked, but if Donald Trump Jr. wanted Womble Carlyle attorney Mark Schamel’s advice, the veteran white collar criminal defense lawyer has two simple words – Be quiet.

Earlier this week, the President’s oldest son went on a social media blitz regarding his meetings with Russian operatives to allegedly help his father’s political campaign. In his highly public statements, Trump Jr. released numerous details about the meeting and displayed the same defiant, brash attitude that his father is famously known for.

But in an interview with the "Boston Herald," Schamel said Trump Jr.’s public comments may come back to haunt him in a government investigation led by Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

“You can profess your innocence, you can profess your guilt, Mueller doesn’t care. He’s going to follow the evidence where it leads,” Schamel tells the "Boston Herald." “What you are doing is giving him evidence.”

Schamel has plenty of experience in high-profile investigations, including cases involving business executives, pro athletes and government officials. While it may be tempting for Trump Jr. to fight the battle in the court of public opinion, Schamel said the wisest course of action is to remain silent and consult with a defense attorney.

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Mark Schamel focuses his practice on white collar criminal defense, government investigations and is based in Womble Carlyle’s Washington, DC office. Schamel has represented clients in all manner of criminal investigations and cases, both in the Washington, D.C., and in federal and state courthouses across the country.