The FCC and the pay-TV industry continue to debate proposals to increase competition for set-top boxes, and Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney Mark Palchick discussed these latest developments with

Leading stakeholders in the cable and telecommunications industry has released their own plan in response to the FCC’s original plan. This alternative plan would have pay-TV providers with one million or more subscribers to develop an app to be used on third-party devices.

Palchick, who represents the cable industry, tells Law360 that this alternative plan is an improvement over the FCC’s original proposal, but he isn’t sure what the final outcome will be.

“I do believe that the alternative approach is significantly like what was rejected by the commission from the DSTAC report,” Palchick said. “And I also think the alternative approach is consistent with the marketplace approach — one that allows the marketplace to grow along the ways that consumers and providers would like it to develop.”

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Mark Palchick has been an attorney in the communications field since 1975. He is experienced in matters relating to the domestic and international cable industry, international copyright, negotiations of program affiliation agreements, E-rate funding, pole attachment matters, interconnection agreements between private carriers and other FCC regulatory matters. In 2013 he was honored by the Cable Television Industry and inducted into the Cable Pioneers.