WASHINGTON, D.C.—The FCC is proposing a spectrum “repack” of over-the-air television following its auction of spectrum space. As a result, some TV stations will change channels. The repack also could impact radio stations that share tower space with television broadcasters.

Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney John Garziglia discussed the TV repack plan with Radio World.

He advises radio stations co-located on towers with television stations to consider the following: “(1) if the radio station does not have an authorized auxiliary antenna, apply now to the FCC for it and build it out as soon as possible; (2) review the current lease to assess whether the radio station’s antenna can be subject to a forced move and what technical and financial protections the station has in such a situation; and (3) also review the lease to determine whether the radio station can be subject to additional costs should tower work be required to meet current structural standards. Finally, if a tower lease is coming up for renewal, consult your counsel to determine what lease terms and conditions might be prudent to renegotiate in anticipation of the TV repacking process.”

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