WASHINGTON, D.C.—Radio World recently took an in-depth look at the FCC’s proposed Class C4 FM classification and its proposed impact on the radio industry. Womble Bond Dickinson Telecom attorney John Garziglia, who has been monitoring the Class C4 proposal closely, tells Radio World that the proposed change could harm AM stations now using FM translators.

The Class C4 classification would double the power of current Class A FM stations from six kilowatts to 12. However, Garziglia said the effect would be “nominal power increases for some,” while costing some AM stations their FM translator service.

He also tells Radio World that he isn’t convinced the FCC will issue a notice of proposed rulemaking (NRPM) any time soon.

“It could even be in the form of a notice of inquiry (NOI) rather than a NPRM — therefore asking a lot of questions but having few tentative conclusions,” he said.

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