The FCC is reviewing its long-standing requirement that radio stations keep physical copies of their public correspondence files.  Radio industry observers such as Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney John Garziglia say that is a welcome change.

Garziglia discussed the proposed public file changes with the Radio + Television Business Report. He said public access to radio studios is a security concern.

However, he said access to the public correspondence file “is not a subject that often comes up with radio station owners but its change will be a welcome one. It is one of a myriad of 20th Century FCC regulatory requirements that in the 21st Century have diminished public interest value. Ask any station owner when the last time was that a member of the public other than a student with a classroom assignment came by to see a local public file and a laugh will be elicited.”

Click here to read “Past Time for Letters File Reg to Go” in the Radio + Television Business Report.

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