Updates to the FCC’s FM translator interference rules are likely to be made via an upcoming adjudication, rather than through a rulemaking, according to a new article in Communications Daily. The FCC is scheduled to review an interference complaint between a full-power Indiana radio station and an FM translator.

Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney John Garziglia was interviewed for the article, and said that the current FM translator window, which is open to Class C and D AM stations, is going well and “is unlikely to lead to auctions for mutually exclusive stations,” according to Communications Daily.

The article also states that, “Broadcasters that sat out the previous translator windows in anticipation of this one likely were confident they would be able to find an open channel, and they will be motivated to come to an understanding with any mutually exclusive applications to avoid delays in starting up their translators, (Garziglia) said.”

Click here to read “FCC Seen Likely to Act on Translator Interference Through Adjudication” in Communications Daily (subscription required).

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