Womble Carlyle attorney John Branson’s published article “Damages in Investment Arbitration—A Fundamental Examination of Chorzow’s Children”, has been included in the textbook Investment Treaty Arbitration and international Law – Volume 10

Branson’s article originally was published in The Journal of Damages in International Arbitration.

Investment Treaty Arbitration and international Law – Volume 10 contains the papers and proceedings from a group of 10 authors that take contrary positions and grapple with the dramatic developments of investment arbitration over the past 10 years. With TPP and TTIP on the horizon, half of the authors take the view that the field of investment arbitration is a doomed experiment and the other half of the authors paint a picture of a revolutionary development in a still nascent form, with more greatness yet to come. 

“This volume is not for the beginner, nor was it meant to be. It does not provide answers to the many open and difficult questions in the area of investment treaty arbitration, for the simple reason that there are none. The publication is invaluable, however, for anyone who wishes to follow and understand the developments and the debates in this field.”

- Kaj Hóber, Partner, Mannheimer Swartling, Stockholm; Professor of International Law, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP), University of Dundee.

John Branson has a broad litigation practice that encompasses complex business litigation with a focus on international arbitration.  Branson has represented foreign sovereigns in international investment disputes and has experience with commercial claims, such as breach of contract and business torts, under the rules of a variety of international arbitration institutions.  In addition to international arbitration, Branson regularly defends and prosecutes claims before Federal and State courts.