CHARLOTTE, NC—Jennifer Cory, an experienced immigration law attorney and the leader of the Womble Immigration Solutions team, has been appointed to the Immigration Specialization Committee of the North Carolina State Bar.

The Immigration Specialization Committee oversees and administers the exam required for attorneys who wish to become Immigration Law Specialists in North Carolina. Immigration Law is one of 12 areas of specialization recognized by the North Carolina State Bar. Cory is a certified Immigration Law Specialist in North Carolina.

North Carolina's legal specialization program conforms to the standards established by the American Bar Association. The North Carolina program is one of only 19 state legal certification programs in the United States.

Cory, who has served most recently as Treasurer of the North Carolina Bar Association’s International Law and Practice Section, has been appointed as Secretary for the coming year.

Jennifer Cory leads the Womble Immigration Solutions team. She navigates the complexities of U.S. immigration law to design efficient, effective visa routes for her clients, who include educators, entrepreneurs, executives, innovators, and investors in key industry sectors such as academia, automotive, financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and technology.