How do you cement your relationship with a client to show him you are interested in his business?  Take him up on an offer to tour his plant.  Moreover, ask him to host a group of US graduate students with you!

Jack Hicks’ intellectual property and patent practice literally takes him all over the world. A client’s need is just as likely to arise in Shanghai as in North Carolina, and Hicks has to be ready to meet those international IP challenges.

For the sixth consecutive year, he has deepened client relationships by visting them where they are – this time in China.  He shared this client - international experience with Elon University law school and MBA students. Hicks recently helped lead a group of 16 students on a tour of China. There, the students met with Chinese business leaders and government officials.

The trip included tours of VF Corporation’s facility in Hong Kong, as well as the Glen Raven and Fine Furniture operations in Shanghai. Hicks represents all three manufacturers in global IP and patent matters.  “The clients were all quite willing to share their expertise with our group,” said Hicks.  “We were able to strengthen our connections with the clients and learn a great deal from touring their facilities.”  Pictured are the group shots with representatives of Glen Raven and VF Corporation. 

In 2015, Hicks co-led an Elon University trip to Singapore and Vietnam.

Jack Hicks has more than 25 years of experience global businesses through all stages of the intellectual property process. He has considerable experience helping companies prepare and prosecute patents in international venues, particularly in Europe and in Asia. He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the U.S. Bar-EPO Liaison Council, an organization made up of U.S. bar association-appointed members and holds meetings to discuss matters of importance to U.S. practitioners who have clients who pursue patent protection.