WASHINGTON, DC - In early 2018, the FCC began requiring all radio and television broadcasters to maintain their public file online on the FCC’s servers, including the quarterly Issues/Programs List. The goal was the make this information far more accessible to the general public, as well as to the FCC Enforcement Bureau.

Womble Bond Dickinson telecom attorney Gregg Skall takes an in-depth look at the FCC’s Issues/Programs List requirements in a new article written for Radio Guide. In the article, Skall examines the current requirements, what issues should be included in the list, and whether or not local production is required.

Skall said that broadcasters should give the Issues/Programs List careful consideration, rather than treat it as a perfunctory exercise.

“In these days of targeted demographics, stiff competition and severe industry consolidation, it is sometimes difficult to remember that all Commission licensees have a responsibility to provide issue-responsive programming,” he writes.

Click here to read “FCC Enforcement: Issues/Programs List Requirements” by Gregg Skall in Radio Guide.

Gregg Skall represents broadcasters and other parties in their regulatory dealings before the Federal Communications Commission and in their commercial business dealings. He serves as Washington Counsel to several state broadcaster associations. He also works with telecommunications companies and with radio device manufacturers to obtain FCC approvals.