Whether blue or red, political candidates and their campaign advisors need to be aware of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations as the 2020 election cycle enters full swing. Candidates on both sides of the aisle have been subject to costly TCPA class action lawsuits as a result of robocalls that allegedly violate the TCPA.

Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Artin Betpera recently wrote a guest article for Campaigns & Elections on “Class Actions Against Campaigns Highlight Importance of TCPA Compliance.” In the article, Betpera discusses the regulatory requirements of the TCPA and what political campaigns need to know about TCPA compliance as they debate using automated calls to contact prospective voters.

“Importantly, given the huge downside posed by the TCPA’s uncapped statutory damages, it’s critically important that campaigns carefully evaluate the functions of any text messaging platform used for voter outreach efforts. Before making any decisions on such voter outreach strategies, campaigns should seriously consider consulting with experienced outside counsel to vet potential TCPA risk. Simply put, campaigns have better things to spend their funds on than defending class actions based on alleged violations of an antiquated law passed when cellphones were the size of bricks,” he said.

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Artin Betpera is a partner and trial lawyer with a national practice principally representing financial services companies in litigation in federal and state courts, involving both class and individual claims. He has developed a particular focus on Telephone Consumer Protection Act litigation, but has significant experience in traditional commercial litigation, and regularly appears on behalf of some of the country’s most significant banks and financial institutions.