CHICAGO—Eric Troutman is scheduled to speak at two sessions at the 2018 ACA International Fall Forum & Expo.

Troutman will take part in a panel discussion on “How Advances in Technology/Telecom Can Mitigate Risk while Improving Bottom Line Profits." Troutman and other industry insiders will share their perspectives on what is critical for agencies to evaluate in order to ensure they are utilizing today’s technologies effectively by mitigating risk and increasing profitability.

In addition, Troutman will speak on “Making Sense from the ACA v. FCC Aftermath.”

In this session, Troutman will recap the scorecard on TCPA developments since ACA International v. FCC and share insights he has learned since conducting nearly two dozen interviews of prominent figures from TCPA litigation and regulatory events. In addition to providing an engaging explanation of the scorecard, Troutman will feature the lessons learned and high- and lowlights from the post-ACA TCPA decisions. To help compliance and legal folks plan for 2019, Troutman will share his perspective on when we might expect the FCC to act and provide practical insights on where things are heading.

The 2018 ACA International Fall Forum & Expo takes part Nov. 7-9 in Chicago.