Imagine a world in which the sound of your voice or a scan of your face is sufficient to pay for a cup of coffee or unlock a door.

It sounds like science fiction, but biometric identification systems are rapidly becoming a reality. Biometrics measure a person’s physical traits—and that unique information can be used for a variety of commercial purposes.

Womble Carlyle attorneys Ted Claypoole and Cameron Stoll write about the developing laws surrounding the commercial use of biometrics in a new article for the American Bar Association’s Business Law Today. In particular, they examine how privacy laws are being adjusted to respond to this new area of technology.

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Ted Claypoole is a senior member of Womble Carlyle’s Intellectual Property Practice Group and leads the firm's Privacy and Data Protection Industry Team. He negotiates and prepares data management, business process outsourcing and ecommerce agreements for his clients. Claypoole routinely talks to business and legal associations across the country on data security issues and is a frequent author on the topic.

Cameron Stoll is an experienced business attorney who guides clients in a variety of areas to serve their needs, including in commercial real estate transactions. As a member of Womble Carlyle’s Privacy and Data Protection Team, Stoll advises clients in the areas of privacy and data management and data security.