Brexit poses more opportunities than threats. That was the prevailing sentiment from a panel of leading observers gathered Monday in Charlotte to discuss the matter, as noted in this Charlotte Business Journal article. The more than 100 business leaders attending the talk, sponsored by Womble Carlyle and the British-American Business Council, heard from Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, British Consul General, John Williams, CEO of Domtar Corp., Jay Bryson, Global Economist with Wells Fargo, Doug Wood, a partner at Grant Thornton, and Womble Carlyle attorneys Jeff Hay, Ted Claypoole, as well as their colleagues from the U.K. law firm Bond Dickinson (via video link), Managing Partner Jonathan Blair and Francesco Lamanna.

“I hope everyone walked away from the panel today with the understanding that the world isn’t ending,” Hay said. “It’s evolving, certainly, but those that take the proactive approach and position themselves to evolve as well are going to be very competitive.”

Along those lines, Bryson and several other panelists noted that the strong U.S. dollar could spur renewed investment in the U.K. and EU. Williams added that mid-cap companies on either side of the Atlantic may seize on the situation to strengthen their market position with M&A deals.

Among other items discussed were possible tax implications, shifts in data regulations, and the fortitude of London as the hub of the world’s financial services industry.

“The U.K. is open for business,” was a phrase repeated several times.

Be sure to check back later this week for video highlights of all the major talking points and head over to the Womble Global blog for even more insights on Brexit and all the other major issues shaping the global marketplace.