In 2015, cybercriminals executed a highly sophisticated, coordinated hack on the Democratic National Committee, stealing hundreds of confidential e-mails in the process. If one of the country’s largest political organizations can fall victim to cyberattack, is any company safe?

Womble Carlyle attorney Belton Zeigler examines “What Companies Can Learn from the DNC Hack” in a new article for the Upstate Business Journal. In the article, he shares the following tips from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security:

1. Monitor system traffic across firewalls.

2. Patch software regularly.

3. Enforce robust password standards.

4. Train employees not to click on links from unknown parties.

5. Segment networks and limit privileges and access – especially administrator privileges. Make sure that a single breach doesn’t create unlimited exposure.

6. Audit your IT assets and eliminate unnecessary modems and interfaces.

7. Have a third party conduct a cybersecurity audit of your organization, help you identify the gaps you should patch first, and create a plan for doing so.

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