Welcome to TCPALand! The new website, powered by Womble Bond Dickinson, aims to be the internet’s top destination for all the news and views surrounding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

TCPAland is not just a defense-oriented blog, but rather a TCPA viewpoint aggregator, accepting contributions from established practitioners on both sides of the aisle.

Numerous attorneys Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys have already submitted content to the site, including Nicole Su, Artin Betpera and Susan Nikdel. But lawyers beyond Womble Bond Dickinson will be contributing as well. 

For instance, Octavio Gomez, head of Morgan & Morgan’s sizable consumer protection department has already signed on to contribute to the site. “I am so glad the internet finally has a one-stop resource for TCPA practitioners that will not just focus on one-side of the issues but explores and anticipates the other sides responses,” Gomez said.

Attorney Joshua Swigart of Hyde & Swigart said, “I’m excited for the launch of tcpaland.com and you can expect to hear my TCPA views on the website shortly.”

Ready to visit TCPALand? Just go to https://tcpaland.com/ - and enjoy your journey!