ATLANTA, GA. — The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) by companies, governments, universities and more grows every day. The legal and regulatory risks and implications of AI, however, remains largely unknown. “The Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines,” a new book from the ABA Business Law Section, provides a comprehensive overview of how this new technology has evolved, how it will affect the legal profession and how the law will be reformed to meet the new realities created by AI.

Womble Bond Dickinson technology attorney and AI thought leader, Ted Claypoole, edited the book, which features insight from numerous industry leaders including Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Malcolm Dowden and Bill Koch, the firm’s Chief Knowledge Officer. Each contributor explores the unique legal challenges and opportunities AI is creating, including issues such as intellectual property development and labor replacement. Other topics discussed are:

  • Regulations managing autonomous flying drones, biologically-base robots and other thinking machines that operate in our streets and companies
  • AI’s impact on healthcare, workplace procedures and basic business management
  • AI and intellectual property, cybersecurity and consumer privacy
  • The transactional law practice and AI
  • International privacy laws and global regulations and their effect on development of AI
  • The future of AI and mapping the law
  • Unique traits of AI decision-making that already conflict with laws and regulations

Included are charts, graphs, glossary of terms, framework for trustworthy AI and an appendix with examples of opportunities and critical concerns raised by artificial intelligence.

Claypoole leads the Womble Bond Dickinson IP Transaction Team, its FinTech Team and its Privacy and Cyber Security Team. He serves clients in managing risk and making money with data, internet and electronic technologies. Claypoole is immediate past chair of the ABA Business Law Section’s Cyberspace Law Committee and serves on the section’s Leadership Council. He has co-authored two books with Theresa Payton published by Rowman & Littlefield titled, “Privacy in the Age of Big Data” and “Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online?”