PHILADELPHIA—The low national unemployment rate—which has hovered around 4 percent in recent months—is creating hiring challenges for employers. Womble Bond Dickinson immigration law attorney Jennifer Cory recently discussed how employers can fill hiring gaps using foreeign workers and maintain compliance with US immigration and employment laws at a recent Association of Corporate Counsel Greater Philadelphia Chapter event.

Cory was joined in the discussion by Lisa Strauch Eggers, Chief Legal Officer for College Ave Student Loans. Their presentation was part of the ACC Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s 11th Annual In-House Counsel Conference.

Cory and Eggers, a former consular officer, discussed visa applications from the perspectives of the immigration practioner and the State Department. They also addressed heightened scrutiny for immigration benefits applications, which takes the form of enhanced screening and vetting of prospective workers, a thorough review of extension applications, expanded workplace inspections, and greater intergovernmental information sharing.

In addition, Cory and Eggers offered insights into reevaluating foreign worker recruiting processes. For example, they said immigration practitioners should examine foreign worker vetting processes, educate recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals about specific visa requirements, repayment agreement and visa sponsorship policy incentives, and understand the interplay of expat and local contracts.

The ACC Greater Philadelphia Chapter In-House Counsel Conference took place April 24 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Womble Bond Dickinson was a sponsor of the event.

Jennifer Cory leads the Womble Immigration Solutions team. She navigates the complexities of U.S. immigration law to design efficient, effective visa routes for her clients, who include educators, entrepreneurs, executives, innovators, and investors in key industry sectors such as academia, automotive, financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and technology.