Video gaming has been an ongoing topic of debate in North Carolina for years. That debate heated up recently, as the City of Winston-Salem considers whether or not to allow two proposed online sweepstakes parlors.

Womble Carlyle attorney Jason Hicks recently discussed the topic with Yes! Weekly. Hicks said that a key consideration is whether the games are based on skill or chance. Also, he said local municipalities now have certain freedoms to establish their own video gaming ordinances.

“Some localities have attempted to ban them, some localities have attempted to place zoning restrictions on where they could be located, and some localities have decided to regulate them by issuing licenses just like a special type of business license,” he tells Yes! Weekly.

Jason Hicks has more than a decade of gaming law experience. He advises clients and litigates cases in a wide variety of matters involving business disputes, federal and state antitrust laws, franchise statutes, unfair and deceptive trade practices, government contracts, advertising laws, industry-specific trade regulations, contract disputes, business torts, and constitutional law.

Hicks is the author of the Womble Carlyle Antitrust and Distribution Law Blog and the Western District of Virginia Law Blog