Taco Bell has a long list of patents related to various aspects of its business. One invention not on that list, is an abandoned patent application (published as US20080020106A1) that attempted to patent what appears to be their 'Crunch Wrap' food item. https://www.tacobell.com/food/specialties/crunchwrap-supreme

Taco Bell's claim read as follows:

a relatively rigid backbone formed at least in part of meat and providing portion a structural for the wrap;

one or more ingredients disposed adjacent to the backbone; and

a flexible outer skin folded around the backbone so as to completely enclose the backbone and the one or more ingredients, the flexible outer skin including a plurality of folds on one side of the meat patty, each fold being grilled such that the outer skin resists unfolding and holds the backbone and one or more additional ingredients inside.

Without going into the patent prosecution history, my guess is that Taco Bell came up against tons of 'prior art' (for example, dumplings, pupusas, meat pies, empanadas, etc.) that happens to read on their Crunch Wrap, thus making the Crunch Wrap not 'novel' or 'obvious'. Hungry yet? =)