The following content was presented by Tara Cho during a live webinar on March 13, 2020. To view a recording of this presentation, please click here

Cybersecurity Reminders

  • Ongoing Communications and Refresher Training
    • Tell employees how company communications and updates will be provided
    • Direct employees to review relevant policies, procedures and related technical controls
    • Don’t let tunnel vision on the matter at hand create additional risk exposure
  • Remote Workers and Virtual Environments 
    • Remind employees of security requirements and permissible uses for VPN or other remote network access
    • Reinforce device management policies and controls
    • Ensure infrastructure support / business continuity teams are on the ready and load test (as applicable)
  • Remain Vigilant and Remind Employees to Do the Same
    • Be prepared for phishing attacks, clickbait and other cyber scams
    • Use trusted resources such as government websites
    • Verify an organization’s authenticity (e.g., charitable organizations)

Privacy Considerations

  • Collecting or Accessing Employee or Client/Customer Personal Information
    • Continue to follow internal processes and legal standards when collecting personal data (including health information or travel information)
    • Consider whether new policies should be developed, specific to data collection and processing related to triaging COVID-19 related issues
  • Disclosing Personal Information 
    • Ensure disclosures to government officials or other third parties are permissible by law and privacy notices as well as client/customer contracts