Many unanswered questions remain surrounding Brexit—the UK’s impending departure from the European Union. But with more than 1,000 attorneys in both the US and UK, Womble Bond Dickinson already is working with US companies to assist them in preparing for Brexit— and we can help any business looking to protect its interests in this uncertain time.

Our Brexit-related services to US companies include:

Cross-Border Logistics

Brexit could have a huge impact on the movement of goods between the UK and EU. Up to this point, US companies have often used the UK as its gateway to other European nations, as under EU guidelines, companies doing business in the UK enjoyed seamless access to other EU nations. But Brexit will complicate cross-border trade and supply chains. Our team can help review a company’s logistics strategies and contracts and provide counsel on how to protect the flow of materials and finished goods, and on how to apply for any applicable reliefs and special procedures.

Contacts: Peter Snaith and Malcolm Dowden (UK); Greg Chabon and Jim Kearney (US)

Employment & Personnel

Likewise, US companies doing business in the UK have been able to move workers across European borders with relative ease. But that cross-border movement is likely to be much more complicated post-Brexit. Womble Bond Dickinson teams are working with US companies to fulfill critical staffing needs are filled.

Contacts: Andrew Tingley and Alan Kennedy (UK); Jennifer Cory and Beth Tyner Jones (US)

Intellectual Property

IP owners need to carefully review and monitor their portfolios to see if they are in full compliance with UK and EU laws as they stand pre- and post-Brexit.

Contacts: Patrick Cantrill and Rose Smalley (UK)


A “No Deal” Brexit could result in the imposition of EU tariffs on imports from the UK. As the details of Brexit unfold, we will provide US businesses with timely and relevant information to make informed business choices.

Contacts: Malcolm Dowden (UK); Jim Kearney (US)


US companies will need to review all contracts to analyze whether they serve a company’s interests in the UK and EU under a post-Brexit structure. In addition, we will help identify existing contracts that may create hardships for companies in this new environment.

Contacts: Malcolm Dowden and Sarah Daun (UK)


Additionally, US companies now will have to comply with relevant regulations in both the UK and the EU. We guide businesses through this regulatory maze, including in such highly regulated sectors as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food/beverage/agriculture.

Contacts: Nicky Strong and Sarah Holmes (UK); Brad De Vore and Kurt Weaver (US)

Privacy/Data Security

Post-Brexit, the UK will adopt a data privacy regime similar to (if not nearly identical) the EU’s GDPR. Our lawyers are familiar with GDPR and will work closely with US companies to prepare for UK-specific regulations and for the separate (but parallel) compliance obligations that will involve.

Contacts: Andrew Kimble and Peter Given (UK); Ted Claypoole (US)