On March 2, 2021 the United States Department of State (DOS) retracted the previous national interest determination applicable to certain categories of travelers eligible for exceptions under Presidential Proclamation (PP) 10143 as it relates to the Schengen Area, United Kingdom, and Ireland.  The previous national interest determination included certain technical experts and specialists, senior level managers and executives, treaty traders and investors, professional athletes, and their dependents.  

DOS also made a new national interest determination including certain travelers who will provide vital support for critical infrastructure.  Travelers in these categories, and those in academics, students, and journalists for whom National Interest Exception (NIE) criteria has not changed, may be eligible for NIEs to PP 10143.

No previously-issued visas or NIEs to PP 10143 will be revoked based on the new policy.

Please see here for DOS’ full announcement, including procedures for students, visitors and travelers who will offer vital support to critical infrastructure.