Doing Well By Doing Good

How Environmental and Social Governance Impact Your Business

In the 2021 ACC Chief Legal Officers Survey, in-house counsel listed ESG and related issues as a top concern, with 65% expecting the trend to accelerate. This hub will feature insights and resources to help clients stay informed and proactive in this rapidly evolving space.

Upcoming Webinars

Dollars and Sense:  How to Integrate ESG into Compensation Programs 

June 23 | 12 – 1 pm ET

The program will address important issues related to incorporating ESG into compensation programs, including:

What has pushed ESG to the forefront of compensation design (i.e., what stakeholders are influencing these initiatives)? 

What are the different ways ESG is being used in compensation programs (e.g., short-term incentives vs. long-term incentives, cash vs. equity, subjective vs. objective measures)? 

What are some of the legal and other considerations related to using ESG in compensation programs, including SEC disclosure issues? 

How do executive compensation programs fit into a company’s overall ESG initiatives/concerns? 

Case studies/hypothetical

Reputation is Everything: Managing the Message

June 29 | 12 – 1 pm ET

Practical tips on how senior leadership and in-house counsel can guide their management teams through regulator inquiries, internal investigation, or reputational crisis, including a discussion of the overlap with public relations.

In-House Roundhouse Podcast

Social and sustainability sage Pamela Cone joins our Editorial Board Chair Mark Henriques for a discussion about key ESG issues and what steps companies can take today to shift from transactional to transformational social impact.