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Murky waters: record £90 million fine for dumping sewage

19 Jul 2021
A record £90 million fine has been imposed on Southern Water after pleading guilty to over 6000 illegal discharges of sewage and 51 breaches of environmental law. The illegal discharges occurred between 2010 and 2015 (over multiple sites), a total of 61,704 hours. To give this some context, this is the equivalent of 7 years continuous illegal discharge. This follows a fine of £2 million imposed on Southern Water in 2016 in relation to the pollution of beaches in Kent with untreated sewage. 

Construction and the face covering conundrum

16 Jul 2021
There is a lot of discussion about masks at the moment as, from 19 July, we will not be legally required to wear these in England. The Government is leaving the decision on whether or not to wear masks down to businesses and individuals. But how do construction businesses make this decision? If you tell your workers "no masks at all", some (especially the vulnerable) may be anxious and refuse to work - but equally, can you really tell your workers "you must wear one" if the legal requirement to do so is lifted? How do you balance safety against risk? 

Unlocking England: can you continue to enforce mask wearing?

06 Jul 2021
The Government has recently announced that, if COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed as planned on 19 July, there will be no requirement to wear a mask in any setting in England. Instead they say businesses who choose to enforce mask wearing would need to take advice on their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. So what are those responsibilities and what can businesses do if they want customers and service users to continue to wear masks?

Health and safety: key learnings from the pandemic

02 Jul 2021
Our specialist health and safety lawyers reflect on some of the key learnings and principles relating to health and safety risk management arising from queries received during the pandemic. These should act as a reminder of the fundamental principles of effective risk management.

Building safety - the story so far

16 Jun 2021
Changes to building safety aren't just about cladding. They're about creating a thread of responsibility for safety throughout a building's life. This guide is a comprehensive overview of building safety and the story so far.

Recent case will fuel climate change litigation against companies

08 Jun 2021
'Remarkable', 'Landmark', 'A legal first' - just a flavour of the global news coverage of the recent ruling by the Netherlands court that Royal Dutch Shell (RDS) must reduce the CO2 emissions of the Shell group, its suppliers and its customers by net 45% (compared to 2019 levels), by the end of 2030, through the corporate policy of the Shell group.