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Steps to rebuild construction recruitment plans for 2021

21 Jan 2021
The construction industry was quick to adapt and carry on working in 2020, but it continues to struggle with labour levels. And this is a problem that’s not going away any time soon as, due to Brexit and the new immigration system now in place, we are likely to see a reduction in the number of available EU national workers – workers which the industry has traditionally relied upon.

Steps construction firms can take to mitigate materials shortages

18 Jan 2021
The UK construction industry manufactures and uses an incredible amount of materials each year, producing around 2bn bricks, over 70 million sq m of concrete blocks and 30 million sq m of roof tiles per annum. However, in a year where the construction industry has faced unprecedented challenges owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Brexit process, we have seen shortages in supply of construction materials, and this can cause significant delay and disruption to construction projects.

The National Infrastructure Strategy: a plan for recovery

10 Dec 2020
In November 2020, the Prime Minister laid out his Ten Point Plan (Plan) (endnote 1) for a 'green industrial revolution' which has now been followed by publication of the National Infrastructure Strategy (NIS) (endnote 2), which focuses on 'economic' or 'networked infrastructure': energy, transport, water, waste, flood risk management and digital communications. In outlining how the Plan will be delivered the NIS goes further and sets out a step change in UK infrastructure policy and the intention to 'significantly shift spending to the regions and nations of the UK', in the period covered by the strategy, (five years). The Government intends to update its NIS every five years in response to future National Infrastructure Assessments.

Casting light on novation and assignment

04 Nov 2020
Anyone working in the construction sector is likely to have encountered the terms "assignment" and "novation". An assignment is a transfer of an interest from one party to another. So, for example, if A enters into a contract with B, A may generally assign the benefit (but not the burden) of that contract to C.