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Building safety – 2021 reflections and projections

14 Dec 2021
What a year it's been for building safety. The construction sector has seen a significant amount of progress in this area over the last 12 months. To give some perspective on how things have changed, we've looked at the biggest leaps forward in 2021; and have also cast an eye towards 2022 to consider what we can expect next.

Mental health and safety in construction: what businesses should know

07 Dec 2021
When you think of health and safety in construction, it's common for issues around physical health and safety to leap to mind. After all, construction work involves large machinery, heavy lifting, and labour-intensive processes. But health and safety is also about mental health, an area in which the construction industry's track record has historically been weaker.

Construction and the face covering conundrum

16 Jul 2021
There is a lot of discussion about masks at the moment as, from 19 July, we will not be legally required to wear these in England. The Government is leaving the decision on whether or not to wear masks down to businesses and individuals. But how do construction businesses make this decision? If you tell your workers "no masks at all", some (especially the vulnerable) may be anxious and refuse to work - but equally, can you really tell your workers "you must wear one" if the legal requirement to do so is lifted? How do you balance safety against risk? 

Health and safety: key learnings from the pandemic

02 Jul 2021
Our specialist health and safety lawyers reflect on some of the key learnings and principles relating to health and safety risk management arising from queries received during the pandemic. These should act as a reminder of the fundamental principles of effective risk management.

Building safety - the story so far

16 Jun 2021
Changes to building safety aren't just about cladding. They're about creating a thread of responsibility for safety throughout a building's life. This guide is a comprehensive overview of building safety and the story so far.

A constructive conference: construction claims, building and site safety, and more

23 Mar 2021
Hot topics in the construction industry at the moment are legal developments affecting claims, time and cost claims, loss and expense claims, building safety, and health and safety. We covered all of these in our construction update on 11 March, where our speakers and contributors from Decipher, 4 Pump Court Chambers, and Womble Bond Dickinson highlighted challenges for the industry, and offered practical advice on addressing these.