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Shared data environments in the defence industry: the challenge of collaboration

28 Aug 2019
There is an increasing requirement for collaboration on major aerospace & defence projects in order to realise innovation and efficiencies for customers. As a result, one of the biggest challenges facing the aerospace & defence industry is how to establish shared data environments ("SDEs") that enable truly collaborative working whilst protecting the security and integrity of the data they contain. This is especially true in relation to the servicing of large or complex platforms, such as ships and fast jets, where it is common for support work and capability upgrades to be modelled on a digital twin by one contractor before being delivered on the asset by another.

Brexit: Incoterms® 2020 and contract reviews

09 Jul 2019
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) will release Incoterms® 2020 in early September 2019, with the new rules coming into effect on 1 January 2020. It will be possible to continue to use the 2010 version of Incoterms® in commercial contracts after the new version comes into effect, but only if clearly specified.

Brexit: temporary tariff rates

13 Mar 2019
The UK government has published details of the temporary rates of customs duty it would impose on imports should a "no deal" Brexit occur.  Under the temporary regime, the government expects 87% of total imports to be tariff-free.

Brexit and "trusted traders"

30 Oct 2018
Brexit was the spectre haunting the Chancellor's 29 October budget speech. It received few direct mentions, but its implications pervaded every economic forecast and announcement. One nugget for businesses dependent on import or export appeared incongruously alongside the announcement that visitors from the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan will soon be able to use the e-passport gates at Heathrow and other UK ports.

Brexit and… trade secrets

22 Oct 2018
Following publication of the 'agreed' text of the draft Withdrawal Agreement (the "Draft Text") between the United Kingdom ("UK") and the remainder of the European Union ("EU") on 19 March 2018, our intellectual property ("IP") team has produced a suite of briefings on key aspects of the likely implications of Brexit for IP rights and systems across the EU, to inform our clients what changes they will need to consider making to their existing IP strategies and protocols to continue dealing in post-Brexit UK and Europe. The topic of this note is how Brexit will impact confidential information and trade secrets.

Brexit and the Port of Rotterdam

14 Sep 2018
While UK press coverage continues to focus on the Chequers paper, potential leadership challenges and increasingly gloomy "no deal" assessments, the Port of Rotterdam has issued an urgent warning to businesses about the need to prepare for the "imminent reality" of Brexit. With fewer than 200 days to go until Brexit Day, the Netherlands' Ministry of Economic Affairs estimates that only 18% of Dutch companies have begun to prepare for Brexit. Consequently, on 11 September the Port of Rotterdam Authority joined with the Dutch Food Authority (NVWA) and Stena Line to organise a press visit to the port to help engage and mobilise the remaining 82% of Dutch companies to address the practical impacts of Brexit. 

Preparing for life post Brexit: action to be taken now by UK businesses

26 Jul 2018
The Department for International Trade (DIT) has recently published its provisional conclusions about which EU trade remedy measures should be kept in place and reviewed once the UK introduces its own trade remedies framework. DIT has provisionally concluded that 72 of the 114 EU trade remedy measures it considered should be terminated. Businesses who disagree with the DIT's provisional conclusions have until 24 August 2018 to seek to persuade DIT to change its mind.