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2021 Budget briefing: tax changes

04 Mar 2021
After an eagerly awaited budget (with huge speculation on what it might contain) what did we learn about tax changes? Many thought tax rates would go up, but in fact the manifesto pledges for income tax, national insurance and VAT have been respected: those rates, plus capital gains tax and inheritance tax rates, are unchanged. (The only increased rate was for corporation tax.)

COVID-19 tax changes and what to do

19 May 2020
It seems that a burgeoning deficit is one of the more guaranteed results of the UK government's extensive support packages to prop up our economy in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The media is now replete with speculation about how Government may seek to address this, including through tax policy changes. In this article we briefly summarise some of the recent crystal-ball gazing on how tax policy may develop, together with highlighting some initial suggestions about how clients might seek to prepare.