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Energy or waste? When a EfW plant contract is not a construction contract

02 Jul 2020
Energy from waste plants have been the subject of their fair share of disputes, one of the most recent being in relation to the development of a gasification plant at the Energy Works Hull facility (Engie Fabricom (UK) Limited v MW High Tech Projects UK Limited [2020] EWHC 1626). The judgment handed down by the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) last week concluded that the primary activity on the site was power generation rather than waste treatment meaning that the contract fell within an exclusion in the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (as amended) (Act) and consequently two adjudicator's awards in favour of the sub-contractor, Engie Fabricom, could not be enforced.

Housing and modern methods of construction post COVID-19

09 Jun 2020
The construction sector is fundamentally important to the UK economy. Often cited as the barometer of economic conditions, it contributes around £90bn and provides approximately 10% of total UK employment. In recent months, the sector has found itself subject to a somewhat surprising level of media scrutiny. Initially, there was a focus on the construction of new hospitals, vaccine centres and other structures dedicated to fighting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Construction and COVID-19

05 Mar 2020
The construction industry has had a particularly difficult few years, with uncertainty around Brexit, high numbers of insolvencies, high-profile building safety concerns, and more.

So, the outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19, which started in China at the very end of last year and has continued to spread globally and at an exponential rate, is another in a long line of challenges which the industry is now facing.

Construction: a look back at 2019 and a look forward to 2020

16 Jan 2020
Looking back, it has been a year of fewer disputes, increased insolvency and a strong theme of 'clarity', or lack thereof, in the cases before the Technology and Construction Court. Looking forward, insureds are hoping to see a significant increase in investment in the development of homes and infrastructure following the 2019 General Election. Other big issues for insureds in 2020 will be the introduction of the new Building Safety Regulator, the VAT Reverse Charge and the Competition and Markets Authority investigation into the UK construction industry, as discussed below.