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Freeports: lessons from the US

14 Jul 2021
Freeports or Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) as they are referred to in the US are more established and the UK could take insight from the successes and challenges. The key is simplicity, businesses need to understand the benefits to their business.

We’re still confused by freeports, say bosses

13 Jul 2021
Most firms still do not have a full understanding of how freeports will operate and be governed, a survey suggests (Louisa Clarence-Smith writes). A report which includes responses from the British Ports Association, Brittany Ferries and Lloyds Bank found that 64 per cent of about 500 businesses questioned were unclear about how the eight freeports in England announced by Rishi Sunak in March would work.

Unlocking England: can you continue to enforce mask wearing?

06 Jul 2021
The Government has recently announced that, if COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed as planned on 19 July, there will be no requirement to wear a mask in any setting in England. Instead they say businesses who choose to enforce mask wearing would need to take advice on their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. So what are those responsibilities and what can businesses do if they want customers and service users to continue to wear masks?

G7 climate commitments

17 Jun 2021
Leaders of the G7 nations descended on Cornwall over 11-13 June to discuss a uniform approach to meeting the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and to "build back better". While responses to the pandemic were clearly high on the agenda, the G7 summit presented a pivotal opportunity to further develop a multilateral consensus on mobilising a green revolution which would protect the planet for future generations.

UK Freeports: what happens now?

20 Apr 2021
The locations of the UK’s eight new Freeports have been announced with the promise of simpler planning, favourable customs tariffs and duties, and tax breaks to encourage growth and investment. But what should you do now?