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Autumn Budget: the public purpose

28 Oct 2021
This Budget was promoted by the Chancellor as 'the' Budget to support world class public services and Levelling Up: a Budget for the whole of the UK, for people and communities, "one family, one United Kingdom"

East Anglia ONE

05 Sep 2021
The largest wind farm in Iberdrola’s history. East Anglia ONE is the offshore windfarm in which ScottishPower Renewables’ invested £2billion as part of R3. ScottishPower Renewables completed the installation and commissioning of its East Anglia ONE offshore windfarm during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

03 Sep 2021
The south coast’s first offshore wind farm. Completed in 2018 as part of R3, Rampion Offshore Wind Farm generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of almost 350,000 UK homes.

Heads up: the PFI boomerang is returning

09 Aug 2021
The first waves of PFI contracts are now coming to the end of their lifespan and there is question over whether authorities are ready to deal with the responsibility for these projects as they hurtle back in the public sector's direction. Without proper planning, authorities may find that they are in for a nasty surprise.

Transforming Public Procurement – WBD's response to the Green Paper. Blue sky thinking or a brewing storm?

25 Mar 2021
In anticipation of the UK's exit from the European Union, the Cabinet Office published its Public Procurement Green Paper on 15 December 2020. It serves as an aspirational mission statement for the future of public procurement post-Brexit. The document reflects the overarching political climate in which it was composed, with the ministerial foreword taking aim at the EU's "outdated public procurement regime". The new proposals align themselves with the international Agreement on Government Procurement, and seem to deliberately steer away from the previous regime as a point of principle, towards one that "better meets the UK's needs".