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Court tells 'Nosecco' to leave it to the pro's

26 Aug 2020
The association responsible for protecting and promoting the use of the name 'Prosecco' – Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco (the "Consorzio") – has successfully opposed the registration in the UK of a stylised label containing the word NOSECCO (the "Sign") in class 32, for non-alcoholic wines and non-alcoholic sparkling wines.

Hotel management agreements post COVID-19: a new world?

02 Jun 2020
A hotel management agreement (HMA) is the core document governing the relationship between hotel owners and operators/managers. In a subsector of the commercial real estate industry particularly hard hit by COVID-19 disruptions, this relationship is being tested in unique ways.

Suite result for Hotel Cipriani

26 Jul 2017
The General Court of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has dismissed an appeal from the unsuccessful application by Arrigo Cipriani (Arrigo) to have Hotel Cipriani's EU trade mark (EUTM) for CIPRIANI, registered for hotel services among other things, declared invalid on the grounds that (i) it was registered in bad faith and (ii) that, under national Italian law, Arrigo had a prior right to that name.

Unfair Contract Terms Act in the Court of Appeal

19 Jul 2017
The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 (UCTA) prohibits unfair exclusion clauses in contracts. In particular, section 3 of UCTA prohibits such clauses where one party deals as a consumer or enters into a contract on the other party's "written standard terms of business."

All bark and no bite: guidance on trade mark disputes

05 Jul 2017
Recent trade mark scuffles in the food and drink industry demonstrate just how important brand protection can be to restaurants and bars. However, a comparison of two instances of threatened legal action by the beer company BrewDog, and a case brought by the London based Japanese restaurant Zuma, reveal how and when it may be appropriate for trade mark proprietors to keep a tighter hold on the leash.

Digging deeper: ethics in construction

05 May 2017
It is estimated that 7% of the global workforce works in the construction industry. According to the International Labour Organization, around US$150 billion profit is generated annually by forced labour across the world. Of that, 23% (US$34 billion) is generated in construction, manufacturing, mining and utilities. Complex supply chains, the scale of infrastructure projects and competitive procurement procedures are just some of the reasons why corruption and ethical challenges have become a significant feature in the construction industry.

Recapping the JCT 2016 changes

04 May 2017
The intended features of the JCT 2016 Edition were clear; to simplify payment processes, incorporate the JCT Public Sector Supplement, CDM Regulations 2015 and Public Contract Regulations 2015 and generally improve functionality and user-friendliness. As the JCT continue to publish the 2016 Editions of the JCT standard form contracts, this article recaps on the key changes and additions to the standard forms.