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Unlocking private investment for Carbon Capture (CCUS)

12 Aug 2021
Carbon capture (CCUS) schemes need to prove they are viable on an industrial scale before they can attract investment, yet they need to attract investment in order to prove they are viable. So where will the funding come from to get these schemes off the ground? Richard Cockburn and Matt Lewy explain.

Call for evidence on the UK's AML regime: a chance for change?

03 Aug 2021
July brought a flurry of activity on the AML/CTF prevention front, both domestically and internationally. HM Treasury is calling for evidence in the effectiveness of the UK regime and proposing changes to the regulatory requirements, while the EU moves to consolidate its legislation. Emma Radmore looks at the opportunities for change.

Responsible Business: FRC's plan to tackle Environmental, Social and Governance challenges

26 Jul 2021
ESG concerns are becoming ever more relevant to corporate bodies of all sizes across the UK. For many years now, climate change, sustainability, green energy, reducing one's carbon footprint, deforestation and charitable giving, to name a few, have been high on the corporate agenda. We have seen these wider public interest issues commonly factor into business reporting, management decision-making and stakeholder management.

Bigger than just ports: Gary Chapman on Freeports

22 Jul 2021
Gary Chapman, Co-head of North regions and Director of industrials and infrastructure at Lloyds Bank, notes that the opportunities created by Freeports extend beyond just the ports themselves. Freeports will lead to investment and opportunities within the free zones, but will also lead to challenges regarding security, limited timescale and collaboration.

FCA unveils transformative business plan

20 Jul 2021
The FCA's business plan for 2021/22 marks the first for Nikhil Rathi since taking on the mantle of Chief Executive. In the speech given by Mr Rathi to launch the plan, he acknowledged the unprecedented challenges of the last 18 months but said that in order for the FCA to be an effective regulator it cannot simply respond to today's challenges – it must prepare for those of tomorrow.

Unlocking England: can you continue to enforce mask wearing?

06 Jul 2021
The Government has recently announced that, if COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed as planned on 19 July, there will be no requirement to wear a mask in any setting in England. Instead they say businesses who choose to enforce mask wearing would need to take advice on their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. So what are those responsibilities and what can businesses do if they want customers and service users to continue to wear masks?

Brexit and exhaustion of rights

02 Jul 2021
Parallel trade is the import (and export) of genuine goods protected by intellectual property ("IP") rights, and occurs where the IP rights are said to have been 'exhausted' – where the goods are put on the relevant market by, or with the consent of, the IP-right owner.

G7 climate commitments

17 Jun 2021
Leaders of the G7 nations descended on Cornwall over 11-13 June to discuss a uniform approach to meeting the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and to "build back better". While responses to the pandemic were clearly high on the agenda, the G7 summit presented a pivotal opportunity to further develop a multilateral consensus on mobilising a green revolution which would protect the planet for future generations.

Financial Services Act: key changes before Royal Assent

06 May 2021
​​​​​​​Both core elements of the United Kingdom’s post-Brexit framework as well as some more political areas of concern are addressed in this wide-ranging piece of legislation. Emma Radmore and Lucy Hadrill discuss debates, changes and additions from the Bill as originally published.