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Transforming Public Procurement – WBD's response to the Green Paper. Blue sky thinking or a brewing storm?

25 Mar 2021
In anticipation of the UK's exit from the European Union, the Cabinet Office published its Public Procurement Green Paper on 15 December 2020. It serves as an aspirational mission statement for the future of public procurement post-Brexit. The document reflects the overarching political climate in which it was composed, with the ministerial foreword taking aim at the EU's "outdated public procurement regime". The new proposals align themselves with the international Agreement on Government Procurement, and seem to deliberately steer away from the previous regime as a point of principle, towards one that "better meets the UK's needs".

Local Authorities: the high street's white knight?

05 May 2020
The role of local authorities in the COVID-19 response has been unprecedented (as has been the financial support from central government) with almost every function affected in some way. Equally local authorities have been at the forefront of help for small businesses including retailers with financial assistance. As we look ahead and prepare for the recovery phase (and ultimately transformation) their role will only strengthen. This article looks at one element where a significant difference can be made in a local authority's economic development role harnessing their powers to drive forward the growth agenda.

Elections - their impacts on emerging policy, legislation and decision-making

24 Apr 2017
The forthcoming local government (and metro mayor) elections on 4 May 2017 in parts of the country mean we are already in a period of 'purdah' during which some public bodies face restrictions over the type of material they can publish.

The Prime Minister’s surprise announcement of a snap general election on 8 June 2017 means that the purdah period for the local government (and metro mayor) elections will run into the purdah period for the general election.

Whilst the local elections were timetabled and anticipated, calling a snap election has the potential to disrupt the current Parliament's legislative activity and will place a restriction on implementing some of the key policies of the current Government.

The White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill – scrutiny v speed

30 Mar 2017
David Davis gave a statement to the House of Commons earlier today on how the Government plans to legislate for the UK's withdrawal from the EU. His statement was accompanied by the release of a white paper, setting out the process in more detail. Mr Davis stressed the intention to give businesses, workers, investors and consumers the maximum possible certainty as we leave the EU.

The Spring Budget - Failing to build on PRS promises?

08 Mar 2017
The shift in emphasis in Government policy starting with the Autumn Statement and furthered in the Housing White Paper was a welcome change, putting the role of investors in new build Private Rented Sector (PRS) property front and centre in dealing with the housing shortage and recognising the ability of that market to deliver housing in large numbers and quickly. The Spring Budget missed the opportunity to build on those promises with anything substantive.