Transport: Related Insights


Transport operators and COVID-19: managing the risk of injury claims

18 Jun 2020
The UK Government has underlined the central role transport operators will have in the reopening of the UK economy as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are eased by publishing detailed guidance in the form of 'Coronavirus (COVID-19): Safer Transport Guidance for Operators'. But it is clear that the process of returning to normality will be a gradual one. There are also risks for transport operators including potential claims from employees and passengers as a result of injuries allegedly caused by exposure to COVID-19. We examine the guidance and consider what transport operators should do to manage the personal injury liability risks.

Preservation is priority – a lesson in the execution of 'search' orders

13 May 2020
The High Court has reiterated that the primary aim of search orders is to preserve evidence, not to serve as some form of early disclosure. The High Court also chose to remind parties (and their representatives) that exceeding the permission given to them by these search orders, carries with it the risk of substantial penalties and severe consequences. In a recent case, it was held that the Claimant and its legal representatives, who pre-emptively searched seized material, without the Defendants' or the Court's permission, committed "serious and completely unjustified" breaches of the terms of the search order.

Budget 2020: transport and infrastructure in the North East

11 Mar 2020
So the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, promised that his Budget would deliver historic investment in roads, railways and other infrastructure schemes, as the Government looked to "level up" the UK. But using his own political pantomime cry, did the Chancellor ensure that this Budget "gets it done" for transport initiatives here in the North East?

What are the political parties' positions on aviation?

06 Dec 2019
All the political parties' manifestos have now been published and there are some strong pledges being made particularly on emissions and climate change. The Tories recognise the role of aviation and the importance of connectivity to the UK economy. The new third runway at Heathrow is still supported provided it can demonstrate that it can meet all the conditions on noise, air quality and carbon reductions as required in the Airports National Policy Statement (NPS). They are also keeping to their pre-election position to reduce carbon emissions and pollution to reach net zero carbon by 2050. 

The push for electric vehicles

15 Nov 2019
The effect we are having on the environment has never before been so at the fore of our political discussion. A majority of voters place the environment as one of their greatest concerns alongside Brexit. According to the Office for National Statistics in 2018, carbon emissions from transport accounted for 33% of all carbon emission. The large majority of this was from road transport. A major focus for all parties is moving to more ultra-low emission vehicles. But how do they plan on achieving this?