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The Bank of Mum and Dad: helping out your children financially

05 Jun 2020
Most parents want to help out their children financially at some point in their lives, whether with college or university costs, their first car, their first step on the property ladder or any number of other things. The financial challenges for many are more acute at the moment, due to the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the economy, job security, income levels and the availability of loans and mortgages, so more young families may be looking to their parents for help. Whilst the intentions are always good, problems can and do arise, and some may find their way to the courts. So, there are various "Dos and Don'ts" to bear in mind when supporting children financially.

COVID-19 tax changes and what to do

19 May 2020
It seems that a burgeoning deficit is one of the more guaranteed results of the UK government's extensive support packages to prop up our economy in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The media is now replete with speculation about how Government may seek to address this, including through tax policy changes. In this article we briefly summarise some of the recent crystal-ball gazing on how tax policy may develop, together with highlighting some initial suggestions about how clients might seek to prepare.

COVID-19: update for charities

03 Apr 2020
This week has seen further measures announced by the Government to support business and individuals as the effects of the restrictions imposed start to be truly felt. In the charities sector, both individual charities and industry bodies are beginning to fully estimate the cost of the pandemic.

Towards a radical overhaul of UK inheritance tax?

05 Feb 2020
Death and taxes may be the only certainties in this world, but exactly how tax is raised on death and on lifetime gifts is subject to tinkering and political debate. A new cross-party parliamentary report proposes radical changes to completely change, rather than just tinker around the edges, how inheritance tax would be charged in the UK and, if ever adopted, would have significant impact on your wealth and succession planning.