Victoria is in our Projects & Procurement Team specialising in providing procurement advice. Victoria has ten years practical experience as a procurement professional in the public and healthcare sector at both a local and national level, prior to legal qualification.

Her experience in managing procurements end to end, from inception at strategy and project development, drafting procurement documents, evaluation, risk mitigation of procurement challenges and ongoing supplier relationship and contract management, brings a unique client perspective along with a wealth of practical commercial experience.

Victoria advises a wide range of clients, including local authorities, central government departments and their agencies, housing associations, utilities and NHS organisations. She regularly advises on the development of procurement strategy and drafting of procurement documents, provides advice on the practical running of procurements and risk mitigation to minimise procurement challenge. 

She also advises on State aid matters. 


Examples of experience include advising:

  • on procurement strategy and process, and the development and preparation of procurement documents to deliver an efficient and effective procurement process
  • on procurement project management and the development and preparation of a range of procurement documents
  • risk mitigation of procurement challenges and managing a procurement challenge launched by an unsuccessful bidder
  • national bodies on the application of the Light Touch Regime and risks of procurement challenge
  • private sector organisation operating under the public sector regulations on mitigating procurement challenge and the development and preparation of procurement documents
  • cross organisational groups (public and private sector) on governance, commercial and procurement issues
  • private sector organisations on procurement processes and interactions with public sector bodies
  • public sector authorities on the risk and consequences of State aid; and 
  • providing training to procurement and non-procurement professionals on procurement and State aid.