Sam works within the Litigation Services and Commercial Projects team which offers an efficient solution to legal issues over a wide range of sectors. He is adaptable and fast learning able to pick up new workstreams working in areas including employment, banking, data protection and commercial contracts. He is experienced in Disclosures, Data Subject Access Requests, Commercial Lease transactions and reviewing and redacting contracts as well as having experience in running his own insurance matters and building bundles.

He is the lead on a Business Banking workstream which requires a high level of organisation to remain up to date with multiple transactions as well as good relationship building with the client and other solicitors as he is required to be up to date with both the client and the customers solicitor.

Sam is continually learning on Everlaw with growing skills including: uploading and production of documents, creating assignment groups and redaction tools as well as understanding how to find specific documents within large datasets. He is also competent in Relativity and trained in Bundledocs.


Examples of experience include:

  • HSBC - Completing Business Banking Transactions facilitating the mortgage agreement for commercial properties between HSBC and the Customer's Solicitor, reviewing the signed Security Documents to ensure everything is correct and drafting undertakings for Completion
  • AIG - Running Subrogated Impact insurance Claims and recovering money off of the third party insurers 
  • Nucleus - Completing a Commerical contract review searching contracts to pull out required information to assist in the transfer and novation of contracts within a Corporate Merger 
  • NHS England - Completing Contract redactions of personal and commercially sensitive information relating to suppliers and Third Parties before the contract enters the public domain
  • LV - Completing a Data Subject Access Request for a Company to find any information relating to the data subject and disclosing this to them while redacting irrelevant information.