*Julie Paxman is not licensed to practice law. Her activities are directly supervised by members of the firm licensed to practice law in the firm’s Irvine office.

Julie Paxman focuses on patent prosecution for life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies. She has a passion for scientific discovery and science communication both of which fuel her enjoyment of patent prosecution.

Before joining the firm as a Technical Advisor, Julie completed her doctoral dissertation at the University of California San Diego where she used microscopy and microfluidics to investigate patterns of protein aggregation and chromatin regulation during aging with single-cell resolution. While completing her doctoral studies, Julie served as a presidency member of a graduate biology outreach program where she co-founded a science teaching and outreach program for San Diego county jails. 

Publications & Presentations

  • Paxman, J., Zhou, Z., O'Laughlin, R., Liu, Y., Li, Y., Tian, W., ... & Hao, N. (2022). Age-dependent aggregation of ribosomal RNA-binding proteins links deterioration in chromatin stability with challenges to proteostasis. Elife, 11, e75978.
  • Li, Y., Jiang, Y., Paxman, J., O’Laughlin, R., Klepin, S., Zhu, Y., ... & Hao, N. (2020). A programmable fate decision landscape underlies single cell aging in yeast. Science, 369(6501), 325-329.
  • Li, Y., Roberts, J., Akhavan Aghdam, Z., & Hao, N. (2017). Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) dynamics determine cell fate in the yeast mating response. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 292(50), 20354-20361.