*Christopher Hall is registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office. His activities are directly supervised by members of the firm licensed to practice law in the firm’s California office.

Having come from the technical side into the legal profession, Patent Agent Christopher Hall brings 17 years of industry experience designing integrated circuits, and educational background in physics and electrical and computer engineering (also math and chemistry), plus analytical skills, writing experience, problem-solving, visualization, and the ability to speak engineering and patenting “languages” to every project he performs for clients. He has been writing and prosecuting patent applications before the USPTO since 1998, and is also named as sole inventor or co-inventor on 15 issued patents.

Claims drafting, as both technical endeavor and art, and best practices in claims drafting, are of vital interest to Chris, as are production of the drawings and specification that go into every patent application he writes. And, he places great emphasis on crafting each claim amendment and argument that goes into his responses to Office actions, with awareness of claim scope, client preferences, related art, examiner practices, and relevant rulings and trends in the courts. Posts to his blog “The High-Tech Patent Agent-A View from the Trenches in Silicon Valley” provide insights into his thought processes relating to patenting.

With analytical and creative mind and fascination for innovation, inventing, inventions, inventors and a wide range of technology and science areas, Chris would look forward to learning about and representing your invention.