Andrew is a trusted advisor to clients in many areas of international trade. He guides clients through government regulations of cybersecurity, exports, and cross-border transactions. Andrew closely monitors the regulatory environment to keep clients in compliance with international sanctions (OFAC), import and export regulations (EAR and ITAR), and rules about foreign direct investment (CFIUS, BEA, AFIDA). On the front end, he crafts compliance programs (including training programs) that are customized to specific business operations and goals. If a violation occurs, Andrew advises on plans for investigation and mitigation.

Andrew’s practice also includes intellectual property and cybersecurity. He helps clients protect their innovations through patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. His technical background allows him to quickly understand advanced and emerging technologies. Prior to law school, Andrew worked for a large, multinational hardware manufacturer; for a small engineering-design startup; and in academic DARPA- and G8-funded research. His engineering R&D experience includes magnetic devices and materials, nanoscale electronics, computer modeling and simulation, and sensors.

Professional & Civic Engagement

  • Huntsville–Madison County Bar Association

  • North Alabama International Trade Association (Board Member)

  • Leadership Greater Huntsville (Connect Class 25)

  • Huntsville–Madison County Library Foundation (Board Member)

Thought Leadership

Speaking Engagements


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Honors & Awards