Andy is an experienced patent attorney who understands clients’ business needs and how those business needs can be protected using the global intellectual property laws to maximize value of intellectual property. By helping clients navigate the world of global intellectual property issues, Andy increases the value of commercial products by obtaining meaningful and valuable intellectual property protection for those products. Andy focuses his practice in dealing with clients and inventors in executing the three main steps in obtaining valuable patent protection:

1) working with inventors and drafting patent applications that describe their invention in a manner to enhance the ability to obtain broad patent protection;

2) working with the patent office to obtain patent protection to enhance and protect the value of the client’s products; and

3) working with clients to formulate a national and international filing strategy to maximize the value of their intellectual property by maximizing the value of the patent portfolio associated with the commercial product. Andy brings a client’s perspective to his patent practice. Prior to becoming a patent attorney, Andy worked as a product design engineer for a leading manufacturing company in the power industry.


Any result the lawyer or law firm may have achieved on behalf of clients in other matters does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

  • Worked with clients to obtain over a 1,000 US and foreign patents on products in various industries and technologies.  Andy is experienced in a wide range of mechanical, electrical, material, and manufacturing technologies, and works with experts across all technical disciplines to assist clients with obtaining patent protection on inventions in any technical area.
  • Manages the global patent portfolio for a market leading packaging and manufacturing company.   
  • Obtained patents in many product manufacturing sectors including the packaging industry including consumer product packaging, food packaging, microwave interactive packaging, packaging materials, packaging machines and components, packaging methods and processes, and various other packaging related inventions.
  • Manages US patent portfolios for many foreign-based technology and manufacturing companies in a variety of technical arts, including:  electronics, medical devices, manufacturing, chemical, materials, and pharmaceuticals.   
  • Andy has extensive experience working with clients in obtaining design patents to protect the ornamental features of commercial products to enhance the clients’ intellectual property portfolio. 
  • When clients have been confronted with existing intellectual property, Andy has advised numerous clients in a variety of manufacturing sectors and technical disciplines regarding right-to-use and patent clearance issues.