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At the request of ACSeS, now LLG, Womble Bond Dickinson prepared two new model constitutions for councils: one for councils in England and one for councils Wales. The intention was to create a user-friendly suite of documents which can be tailored easily by in-house lawyers and constitutional experts to suit any type of council.

The constitution documents are produced with the assistance of a software programme produced by software provider Exari. The new model constitution documents, with the numerous variables and options within them, are organised into a decision tree, where the selection of a particular branch will be determined by the answers to a series of questions presented in an online interview.

The model constitution documents are available to LLG members for the purpose of preparing a draft constitution for their own councils only. To access the documents you will need the LLG login details and a password which can be found on the LLG website in the document library page (you will need to be logged into your LLG website account first).

If you have any queries regarding access or login details please email: at LLG.

Once you have obtained login details and a password from LLG, you can use these to access the system hosting the documents using the link below.

By accessing the system, you undertake to use it only for the purpose of preparing a draft constitution for your council.

You can access the system here If you're having problems accessing the system, download our quick tip sheet that will guide you through the process.

Access the system here

If you have any questions or comments, please email Jackie Gray: