22 Nov 2017

David Rewcastle, Head of Transport, Logistics & Infrastructure in the UK, said:

It was generally a good budget for the transport sector. It was great to see some (long overdue) positive and tangible commitments to investment in transport across the North with the promise of a £300m fund to future-proof HS2 with connecting railways and an investment of £337m for the replacement of the Tyne and Wear Metro trains.

Continued investment on a nationwide basis demonstrates the Government's realisation that transport infrastructure is the backbone to a strong economy and shows a real passion to improve transport links across the UK with £1.7bn worth of extra transport funding for cities across the country. The Budget also included important additional funding for more electric car charging points across the country, together with a £40m R&D fund to develop electric car charging technology.

The commitment of a further £35m to improve mobile and digital connectivity on trains is also a welcome investment, especially following successful investment in increasing the Wi-Fi offering on various UK rail networks over the last 12 months.

We look forward to seeing the specific detail behind these and other eye-catching amounts.