At the Institute of Export (IOE) World Trade Summit 2017, a partner from Bond Dickinson took the stage to speak about the issues facing businesses in a post-Brexit economy.

The Summit, run in partnership with the University of Plymouth’s Institute for Social, Policy and Enterprise Research, brought together businesses, trade organisations and universities to discuss Brexit, trade, education and the economy. The summit highlighted the need for the UK to invest in its export skills and embrace its creativity, innovation and ingenuity.

Partner Stephen Dilley was amongst the 14-strong panel to speak at the event. In his presentation - Brexit: Reforming a legal landscape - he talked about the Government's blueprint for Brexit, explained the legal issues on exporting and offered some practical guidance to businesses so they can remain agile whilst navigating in uncertainty.

Stephen commented: "With Brexit, it is essential for businesses to start planning so they can manage risks effectively. As negotiations with EU are underway, businesses need to have a three-staged approach for responding to change: review, adapt, and plan for different potential outcomes. It is always best to prepare for the days of necessity. Having a post-Brexit strategy now will help businesses in the South West be better prepared post March 2019 when we exit the Union.

"Exports represent 32% of the regional economy. Goods and services from the UK are in strong demand across the globe and exporting can be a great way to grow your business but in the South West in particular businesses need to have the right skills to make exporting a success."

Other speakers also covered the need for the UK to find new ways to plug the skills gap, issues around higher education and how to make sure the UK remains a welcoming destination for international students, and how a global outlook will help the UK to stay ahead of the curve particularly with opportunities emerging from developing countries like India and Egypt.

The event took place earlier this month at the University of Plymouth. 

Stephen Dilley at IOE summit