We will be joined by Jackie Hawken, who will introduce us to the science and benefits of Mindfulness, as well as teaching useful tools that can be used any time/anywhere! After the talk join us for networking.

Jackie Hawken is a highly experienced Mindfulness expert. A former lawyer, she specialises in delivering Mindfulness within a workplace context, understanding the challenges and demands faced there – as witnessed by her role as a volunteer for LawCare. 

She has particular expertise in strengthening resilience and coaching people (individually and in groups) to deal with stress, depression, low self-esteem, bullying and toxic relationships.

As well as in Mindfulness, Jackie is also trained to Master’s level in psychology, CBT, NLP, coaching, teaching and many other disciplines. She uses these skills in her one-to-one and corporate client work. She has taught Mindfulness in a wide variety of settings and to a wide audience, including to UK solicitors, barristers and judges.

Jackie teaches in London and the South of England as well as in New York, where she regularly teaches at the Tibetan Museum, Staten Island and other locations in Manhattan.

Jackie is the author of Mindfulness for a Broken Heart.

: There is no cost associated with this event

5.00pm – registration

5.30pm - talk

Who should attend?

Alumni of University of Bristol Law School.

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