The Queen's Speech was dominated by Brexit, with transport related policies forming only a brief element of the plans set out by the Government. That being said, a key piece of legislation for the High Speed Rail project is set to start it's next phase of progress through legislation with the introduction of the High Speed Phase 2A Bill. This will see the extension of High Speed Rail from the West Midlands to Crewe and follows the granting of Royal Assent to the HS2 Phase 1 Bill earlier this year. The preferred route for Phase 2A has been confirmed by the Government and it is clear that progress is being made on the project.

The Queen's Speech also saw the introduction of Bill's in respect of automated vehicles and the space industry which follow on from the last parliamentary session.

The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill will see the introduction of charging points for electric vehicles in more public areas, with a universal set of technical standards to ensure access and uniformity across the UK. This follows on from the investment in this area pledged by the Conservatives in their election manifesto and represents one of the few policies from the manifesto that has made it into the Queen's Speech.

The Space Industry Bill is a follow on from the last Parliament and would introduce a new regulatory framework which would cover the Virgin Galactic programme. The Bill is designed to facilitate the opening up of a new commercial industry in the UK in space travel, and shows the Government is looking beyond current sectors, particularly in light of Brexit.